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Qingshan Zhang
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Qingshan Zhang
Master of Science of Information Security
Human beings are magical creatures with strong plasticity. The injured body will recover. If you try hard to do something that you can't do now, you will grow up.
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Education Background

  • Master of Science, Information Security, Johns Hopkins University
    09/2019 —— 06/2021

  • Bachelor of Engineering, Internet of Things Engineering, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications
    09/2015 —— 06/2019

  • Bachelor of Engineering, Computer Engineering, Queen Mary University of London
    09/2015 —— 06/2019


Dalian, Liaoning Province, China




Enjoy delicious food🍝, Role Playing Detective Game🕵️‍♂️, Computer field👨‍💻, Fitness🏃‍♂️, Animation👻, Thinking🧐

Favorite Sport


Favorite Animal


Favorite Fruit


Favorite Movie

Farewell My Concubine(霸王别姬) The first time I saw it, I was shocked during the whole movie(第一次看的时候全程被震撼)

Favorite Chinese Director

Wen Jiang(姜文)

Favorite Chinese Actress

Yuanyuan Gao(高圆圆)

Favorite Chinese Female Singer

Ziqi Deng(邓紫棋)

Favorite Chinese Cartoonist

Father and Son Cartoon Group(父子漫画工作室): LeYang Wang(王乐杨)(son) Guoqiang Wang(王国强)(father) Imaginative and logical(想象力爆表,逻辑缜密)

Favorite Philosopher

Lao Zi(老子,李耳)

Favorite Poet

Juyi Bai(白居易)His works are approachable and the purpose is everyone can easily understand his works (作品平易近人,宗旨是“老妪能解”。)

Favorite Superhero

Captain America

Favorite American TV program

How I Met Your Mother

Favorite Horror Film Series


Favorite Band

Team Me

Favorite Contemporary Chinese Entrepreneur

Lei Jun(雷军), Excellent engineer, full of feelings(卓越的工程师,富有情怀)

Favorite contemporary American Entrepreneur

Elon Musk(埃隆 马斯克), Excellent engineer, dare to think and do(卓越的工程师,敢想敢做)

Favorite person of the Three Kingdoms

Jia Xu(贾诩) 算无遗策,眼光长远,身处乱世,高官高寿

Favorite Console Game

Romance of the Three Kingdoms XI(三国志11威力加强版) Exquisite production, never tired of playing(制作精美,百玩不厌)

Favorite Model


Current Favorite IDE/Editor


Current Favorite Programming Language


Special Hobbies

Naming(起名癖), Ranking(排名癖), Digitization(数据化癖), Everything In Order(整理癖),Make Everything Better(改良癖)

What I Plan to Do After Retirement

Learn to be an editor and director(学做一名编导,最好还能参演)

Professional Experience

Software Engineer 2 - Security
10/2021 - Present

Shape Security, Under F5’s Security and Distributed Cloud Group
• Responsible for the Shape Alert and Response System (XDR platform) development as a backend developer
• Use behavior pattern to analyze Web attacks, and deploy the production pipeline on GCP
• Continuously collect large amounts of data from all the customers and analyze network traffic based on the data to detect bot traffic and monitor system performance for Web/Mobile/Cloud endpoints
• Work closely with security analysts and customer support teams to deliver high impact products
• Conduct security research and data analysis to find more effective identification of fraudulent network traffic

Agricultural Bank of China New York Branch
Information Security Officer - Associate
07/2021 - 10/2021 Full time
03/2021 - 05/2021 Part time

Red Team, Report to CISO
Application Security, Penetration Testing, Threat Analysis, Incident Response, Risk Management, Infrastructure Security, Endpoint Security, Internal Phishing Email Testing and Entitlement Review
Tools/Platforms: Pentera, Appscan, Qualys, Cofense, Carbon Black, Symantec, Splunk, Google Workspace

Johns Hopkins Whiting School of Engineering
Course Assistant
01/2021 - 05/2021

EN.650.631 Ethical Hacking and EN.650.654 Computer Intrusion Detection
Assist the Professor for each course; go through labs and assignments; find and fix bugs; write instructions; answer students’ questions
network traffic & DoS attack lab, local DNS attack lab, Linux firewall lab, intrusion detection systems lab, Alexa hacking lab, and Steganography problem

Software Development Intern
06/2018 - 08/2018

Used OpenCV to get the real-time image data of the camera as input, and converted the image into the format recognized by Caffe. Built Caffe deep learning framework based on Yolo V3 algorithm model by Python.
Implemented vehicle recognition by Yolo V3 algorithm; Displayed the outline of vehicles and the trajectory in the video.

Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Research Intern
07/2017 - 08/2017

Participated in the development of Content-based Image Search System
Realized the global feature analysis module, which can be used to calculate the image color histogram, color entropy, color moment, texture features using Matlab
Completed the local feature analysis module with Matlab using Harris and ORB algorithms
Completed an application that can search similarity of images via Locality Sensitive Hashing with an accuracy of 94%